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Transparent Conductive Oxides: What are they?

What is a TCO?

The acronym TCO stands for transparent conducting…
May 10, 2022/by brennao5

Metal-Organic Frameworks: A Solution to Low-Pressure Hydrogen Storage

Focus on Climate Change
The greatest challenge of the 21st century…
May 10, 2022/by Dillon Broaders

The path to a greener way of energy production

Nuclear Fusion: Future or Fallacy?
With the energy crisis nearing,…
May 9, 2022/by vedanta

What if Gravity Disappeared?

Gravity is one of the four primordial forces of the Universe.…
May 9, 2022/by davidkearney

SO-CHIC: Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate

The topic I will be discussing is how the southern ocean influences…
May 9, 2022/by niamhtreacy

Why 5G Probably Won’t Kill You


By now we’re all aware of the crazed hubbub surrounding…
May 6, 2022/by bobm

Using Spectroscopy to Determine the Composition of a Star

In the process of analysing stars, one important factor is their…
May 3, 2022/by rnielsen

The Era of Quantum Computers

Many academics and industry experts consider us to be living…
April 18, 2022/by conorryan

Extraterrestrial Civilisations

by Ava Morrissey, Aisling Hussey, Grace O'Sullivan, Ross Brandon…
June 2, 2021/by aislinghussey

How to use Earth as a telescope

By: Colin Clarke, Sadhbh Leahy, Chloe Tap and Aidan Wright.
June 2, 2021/by sadhbhleahy

Physical models and electrical analysis of the Brain

Physical models and electrical analysis of the Brain
June 2, 2021/by benjaminstott

Gravitational Waves: A Lesson in Einstein’s Greatest Downfall

Zoë McGrath, May 7th 2021

Since their direct observation…
June 2, 2021/by mcgrathz

Dark Matter: What Is It and Where Is It?

It is estimated that around 80% of the mass in our universe is…
May 7, 2021/by fay97

The Neutrino: The Key to Understanding the Universe

By Kate Britton, Ciaran Furey, Aoife O'Kane Hackett and Sophie…
May 7, 2021/by fureyci

Machine learning in physics

Machine learning in physics


Machine learning is…
May 7, 2021/by brazell

Can Electrons Cure Cancer?

Can Electrons Cure Cancer?


What are Electrons?

May 7, 2021/by saoirsec

Moore’s Law and the Future of Computer Processing

Computer processors are an integral part of the modern world.…
May 7, 2021/by jakinsel

The Past, Present and Future of Rocketry for Space Exploration.

Rocket propulsion refers to an object being accelerated (it’s…
May 7, 2021/by adambourke

Anomalies in the muon g-factor could be evidence of new undiscovered particles or forces


The anomalous magnetic moment of the electron…
May 7, 2021/by mhichil

Quantum Holograms using Entanglement

For a long time holograms have captured the imagination of people…
May 7, 2021/by dameryp

Machine Learning in Materials Science

Machine Learning in General
Shortly after the invention and…
May 7, 2021/by prymeka


Infrared imaging and spectroscopy have become one of the most…
May 3, 2021/by matthewrochford

Biomimetics in Photonics

Maria Babu, Deaglan Farren, Thomas Long, and Myles Power.

May 3, 2021/by longth

Predicting the Unpredictable: Using Machine Learning as an Approach to Chaotic Systems

May 3, 2021/by cnishuil

The history of the Neutrino

What are neutrinos?
Neutrinos are particles with no electrical…
May 3, 2021/by okanehaa

Diamond Batteries: Powering the Future?

Diamond Batteries: Powering the Future?
Authors: Aoibheann Murray,…
May 3, 2021/by smurph34tcd-ie

An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Nuclear Energy as a Potential Solution to Climate Change

Authors: Pratheek Kishore, Octavian Stoicescu, Nicollas S.M.…
May 3, 2021/by octavianstoicescu

Applications of Aerodynamics in Motorsport.

by Sean O'Neill, Darragh Brennan and Jordan Kenny.



May 3, 2021/by seanoneill

Evolution of Stellar Composition

It is human nature that, whenever we find ourselves staring at…
April 16, 2021/by katehavenga

Comparing and Contrasting the Operation, Efficiency and Application of Various Semiconducting Materials in Solar Cells.

It should come as no surprise that the demand for renewable energy…
April 16, 2021/by campbepe

Comparing and Contrasting the Operation, Efficiency and Application of Various Semiconducting Materials in Solar Cells.

It should come as no surprise that the demand for renewable energy…
April 16, 2021/by campbepe

Applications of Nanoparticles for Medical Uses within the Body

Authors: Andrea Cabero del Hierro, Niamh Corry, Phelim Butler…
April 16, 2021/by phelimbutler

The science of color is sometimes called chromatics, colorimetry, or simply color science.

March 15, 2021/by kconcann