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That awkward moment when you accidentally create Quantum Mechanics.

May 3, 2024/by burkekes
A photo of the inside of a building with hexagonal symmetry

Symmetry: the concept underlying all modern physics

Symmetry is most often known as describing objects which remain…
May 3, 2024/by kuczynsd

What is a Qubit?

What is a Qubit? - A bit of Information on the Qubit!

May 3, 2024/by alexanse

Chien-Shiung Wu: The Nobel Prize that should have been

Chien-Shiung Wu’s exclusion from the list of Nobel laureates…
May 3, 2024/by joyces3

Maxwell’s Demon: The link between information and thermodynamics

The development of thermodynamics has proved to be a rewarding…
May 3, 2024/by ewhooley

Physics With A Bit Of Spice : The Feasibility Of Dune Technology

With the recent release of the blockbuster Dune part two adaptation,…
May 3, 2024/by ronanmyles

(Video) The Physics of Music

This is a video about the Physics of Music:
May 3, 2023/by markoneill

Feedback and Oscillators

The world around us is full of patterns that repeat themselves…
May 1, 2023/by Tom McCarthy

The Black Hole Information Paradox

The Black Hole Information Paradox
After WWII, there was a renewed…
May 1, 2023/by cormacmcguinness

Gravitational Waves and their Impact on Spacetime

What is gravity? Most people probably think of it as the thing…
May 1, 2023/by bmcgloin

Why “Sea Level” isn’t as simple as you think.

You might be wondering how on earth sea level could be complicated.…
May 1, 2023/by danieljoyce

Cosmic Rays: Are they a bit too far for Computers?

In 2008 a Qantas Airlines flight suddenly dipped downwards in…
May 1, 2023/by ansharma

Flying Cars: Dream or Reality

The concept of flying cars has been around for decades in…
May 1, 2023/by itodoa

The Big Bang Theory

The most readily accepted model, for the formation of the…
May 1, 2023/by janwawrzynek

Energy – Past and Future

The History of Energy

Historical progress of humanity…
May 1, 2023/by zielinst

Quantum Quasiparticles

What are quasiparticles?

Quasiparticles emerge…
May 1, 2023/by orla

A Physicsy History of Telecommunications

Our modern internet comes to us from lasers through thousands…
May 1, 2023/by sally

Why your newborn is more equipped to understand quantum mechanics than you are.

The study of intuitive physics, or naive physics, in child development,…
May 1, 2023/by gnileeke

Throw Like A Pro – Understand the physics behind how MLB pitchers work their magic

April 30, 2023/by oneila46tcd-ie

Idealized energy transport. Moving solar energy from  Arizona to LA, from the Sahara to Europe and from Mongolia to Chinas Metropoles. 

In light of increased pressure for a viable renewable Energy…
April 30, 2023/by tillyschaaf

Solar Emissions and Us

April 30, 2023/by karl

Seeing Magnetic Fields with Quantum Mechanics

April 30, 2023/by erykamil

Quantum Sensing Made Simple

As the years go by, more and more developments are being made…
April 30, 2023/by theoandrews

Is physics to blame for ageing?

Physics is killing us! I'm not joking....


April 30, 2023/by rosea16

How far into space can we see ?

Light has velocity, this means that light travels around at a certain speed and this speed depends on the medium but roughly speaking it is 300 million meters per second. This is so incredibly fast that it appears instantaneously, when you switch on a lamp there is no observable delay in seeing the light that is because of how fast light travels. The delay of seeing light is only really appreciable on astronomic scales, and by this I mean only light coming from space is noticeably delayed, for example it takes the light from the sun 8 minutes to reach Earth. This leads to a really cool result, when we look out into space we also look back into history. A light-year is a measurement of distance, it is the distance that light takes 1 year to travel, so if we have a star that is a 1 light year away, we can say that what we are looking at is the light that left that star a year ago. Through this idea when we start to look at further and further objects we look more and more into the past. The furthest galaxy we have ever seen which is also the oldest galaxy we have ever seen is 13.5 billion light years away [1]. The Big Bang which is the beginning of the Universe happened 13.8 billion years ago, this means we observed light that was emitted only 300million years after the Universe was formed. Amazingly we can see the remnants of the Big Bang, the Cosmic Microwave Radiation, this is detectable and is 13.8 billion years old, marking the edge of our observable Universe. 13.8 billion years ago the Universe was opaque to light, imagine a fog, so we can't see further than this currently. However there are neutrinos and gravitationally waves from a further distance that we may soon be able to detect expanding our horizons.   [1] https://cosmosmagazine.com/space/furthest-galaxy-james-webb/#:~:text=The%20James%20Webb%20Space%20Telescope%20%28JWST%29%20has%20broken,oldest-known%20galaxy%20was%20discovered%20by%20Hubble%20in%20July.
April 30, 2023/by hoganc8

PN junctions for dummies

A PN junction is a type of semiconductor, which means that its…
April 30, 2023/by lukeak01

Science fiction or fact? The plausibility of sci-fi tech



Science fiction has a way of capturing…
April 30, 2023/by ronanmyles

The application of X-rays to art conservation.

April 30, 2023/by doranj4

What is Exotic Matter?

If you have been paying attention to the modern research being…
April 30, 2023/by sarahmcg

The Future of the Sun

The Sun is an essential component of our solar system, and what…
April 30, 2023/by darpandhingra

How Foam is used to create a Thermonuclear Bomb.


Yes, foam! That's not some acronym with lots of fancy…
April 30, 2023/by alexoreilly
Colour spectrum of visible light

Pink is a Pigment of Your Imagination

April 30, 2023/by realtan

Astrobiology and Space Exploration

Introduction: What is astrobiology?
Throughout history, humanity…
April 30, 2023/by rohank

Powering the Future with Pressure: How Piezoelectric Materials can Revolutionise Sustainability

Piezoelectric materials have been used for many years in a variety…
April 30, 2023/by karlmorgan1

Muons: How tiny particles could save a cathedral dome

April 30, 2023/by eliza

Smart Materials and Their Applications in Technology

Smart materials are a fascinating class of materials that have…
April 30, 2023/by kolevs
An artist's illustration of the James Webb Space Telescope as it would look in space

The James Webb Space Telescope’s Importance for the Future of Astrophysics

April 30, 2023/by hickeyl3

Dark Energy – What is it?

 Based on the gravitational laws that affect matter, one could…
April 30, 2023/by canosaf

Artemis – The Return to the Moon

On December 14th, 1972, Eugene Cernan led the Apollo 17 onto…
April 30, 2023/by cillianod

The Ising Model: From Neuron Firing to Sea Ice Melting

Magnetism, Neuron Firing, Arctic Sea-Ice Melting. On the surface,…
April 30, 2023/by smythl6

What ARE Black Holes?

JS Communications Skill
Seán Hogan
Black holes are a common…
April 19, 2023/by seanhogan02

The Fundamental Forces of Nature are just the Beatles

We’re all familiar with the Fundamental Forces of Nature: Electromagnetism,…
April 19, 2023/by markssa

The Mystery of Light and Carbon: Why is Graphite Opaque and Diamond Transparent?

April 19, 2023/by kellybo

Is there life on Mars? – Was Bowie onto something?

As the Earth’s population and surface temperature continue…
April 19, 2023/by eclarke9

Why does the Universe look the same in all directions?

We’ve all heard of the Big Bang – the beginning of our universe;…
April 19, 2023/by nugentra

The Beauty of Fractals

JS Communications Skills – Task 7: Physics Blog Entry
by Maxim…
April 19, 2023/by maximmulligan

Physics or Philosophy: Can science explain the existence of our universe?


Today, we're taking a trip down memory…
April 19, 2023/by parkerro

The Big Crunch

The Big Crunch

The Big Crunch is one suggested theory for…
April 19, 2023/by danielkeane

Chaos Theory – A Brief Summary

April 19, 2023/by ianstynes

What came first, energy or matter… or space?

The question of if matter or energy came first is an interesting…
April 19, 2023/by lucyq42

Wind Energy: The Basics, the Challenges, and Future of Wind Energy

What is wind energy?
Wind energy is a form of renewable energy.…
April 11, 2023/by mcalistc

Cosmological Enigma-Dark Energy

April 11, 2023/by luke

Stranger than we can think: Y-Ball and other Strange Metals

JS Communications Skills - Task 7:
Physics Blog Post
By May…
April 11, 2023/by maytaylor

Why are there so many Anti-Maskers?

As the global pandemic has largely left the news cycle I think…
August 15, 2022/by molloyst


Spaghettification may sound like a new diet trend on how to get…
May 16, 2022/by cillwalsh

How to clean up the mess we’ve created just outside earth’s atmosphere

For almost 70 years, humanity has been launching rockets, satellites,…
May 14, 2022/by jamieb21

The Aerodynamics of the Bee

Our Earth is teeming with millions of diverse life forms. From…
May 13, 2022/by jackstreets

The Irish Woodstock and Nuclear Power


Have you heard of the Irish Woodstock1? It isn’t…
May 13, 2022/by donnachahenchy

It’s Time for Time Crystals

To a layperson, the words “Time Crystal” probably evokes…
May 13, 2022/by walsha

The Cosmic Symphony: A Brief Exploration of String Theory

According to theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, “in string…
May 13, 2022/by emmahughes10

What are Superconductors?

Dutch physicist, Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, discovered superconductivity…
May 13, 2022/by careyg1

The Future of Self-Driving Cars

Have you ever gotten into a car, and as soon as you drive onto…
May 13, 2022/by considio

Warp Drives: Not just a Hollywood Plot Device?


Have you ever envisioned yourself sitting alongside…
May 13, 2022/by ayushmurugan

What is pair production? and why does it happen?

Atoms, the building blocks which make up our universe, are made…
May 13, 2022/by rossabrennan

The Framework in which a Concept is Understood

I think the process of learning about science can create unique…
May 13, 2022/by ciboland

The Hubble Telescope: Is it important?

In 1990, we launched the Hubble telescope into orbit as the first…
May 13, 2022/by theocoupe

The Higgs Boson

God particle and physicists' grail, what is the Higgs boson and…
May 13, 2022/by anais

Laminar Flow: Is it glass or water?

Have you ever wondered how those water fountains at airports…
May 13, 2022/by chokapps

A Short History of Pluto

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are visible in the night…
May 13, 2022/by hughtyrrell

Cycling Aerodynamics

There are three main ways to get faster on a bike; get stronger,…
May 13, 2022/by spillani

The Four Fundamental Forces of Nature

The world is full of forces that are important for our everyday…
May 13, 2022/by baragrya

Quantum Biology, Birds and B-fields

Since the dawn of the quantum revolution in physics during…
May 13, 2022/by jbecker

Cymatics – Seeing Sound

Cymatics are a subset of vibrational phenomena which describe…
May 13, 2022/by adbrowne
Image from https://www.nature.com/articles/543164a

The Past, Present and Future of Time Crystals

TIME CRYSTALS!!! A name and concept that seem to come straight…
May 13, 2022/by nowakk

How to have your cake and eat it too: The many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics is regarded as one of the crowning achievements…
May 13, 2022/by darraghgrufferty

Space Weather and How It Can Affect Telecommunication Systems on Earth

One of the biggest threats to the world’s telecommunications…
May 13, 2022/by acommons

The Moons of Saturn that swap orbits

Featured image: Cassini’s narrow angle camera captures three…
May 13, 2022/by thomastreacy

Einstein’s Biggest Blunder

At this stage Albert Einstein is a household name across the…
May 13, 2022/by smythgr

X-Ray Diffraction-There’s More to Crystals than Meets the Eye

Crystals are something we come across every day. From the salt…
May 13, 2022/by kate

How cold can cold be? What is the lowest possible temperature?

Is there a limit to how cold something can become? Does a minimum…
May 13, 2022/by hoganc8
Maxwell's Demon

Maxwell’s Demon: A Paradox in Physics?

As a rule, the universe tends towards disorder. It can seem like…
May 13, 2022/by clionaboylan

Quantum Mechanics: The Consciousness of Particles?

When it comes to science and the supernatural, the common consensus…
May 13, 2022/by jobaoill

Diamond like Carbon

Figure 1- showing the Ternary phase diagram for the C, H…
May 13, 2022/by daraghgay

Carbon: The Hero We Need

Carbon is the villain. It is the reason for the trapped heat…
May 13, 2022/by matthewmosse

When Will We Use This in the Real World? The Importance of Math Education

"When will we use this in the real world?"

A question all…
May 13, 2022/by brenomouramotta

Smart Glass’s Energy Saving Potential

With the EU’s ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by 2050,…
May 13, 2022/by modonohue

Is life possible on planets other then Earth?

With space travel becoming a more regular event with us travelling…
May 13, 2022/by alanghave

Quarks: A link between particle physics and literature

A quark is defined as any component of a set of primary subatomic…
May 13, 2022/by heuzei
Nuclear reactor

Why We Need Nuclear Energy

Whether it’s because of Homer Simpson or the Soviet Union,…
May 13, 2022/by campioru

A brief look into the future of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is still an emerging science and alongside this…
May 12, 2022/by katemehlhorn

Pulsar timing arrays: A galaxy-scale detector

With the success of detecting gravitational waves, a new branch…
May 12, 2022/by senzelr

How are Black Holes imaged?

With the recent imaging of the black hole in the center of the…
May 12, 2022/by patrasck

Quantum Locking-The secret to Marty McFly’s hoverboard?

Back to the Future 2 made many predictions about what the…
May 12, 2022/by bolgerth

Voids and Filaments, Structure of the Universe

When observing the Universe from our scaled down perspective,…
May 12, 2022/by getzovm

Electron microscopy: Sensitive instruments

The standard light microscope is ubiquitous, from children's…
May 12, 2022/by Oisín FitzGerald

The northern lights, magic but also physics!

The northern lights, also known as aurora borealis, are stunning…
May 12, 2022/by mariaspagnolli

Why time goes forward

We are all very familiar with time. It is ingrained in everything.…
May 12, 2022/by jacklawlor

A brief history of Carbon nanotubes.

Carbon nanotubes are very tiny lightweight cylinders made up…
May 12, 2022/by mathere

Modern Physics, Pseudoscience, and Conspiracy

May 12, 2022/by lawlord5

Facts vs Facebook Facts

A discussion on the responsibility of the scientific community.

May 12, 2022/by noelbyrne

The Particle Zoo: Building blocks to our Universe.

Fig 1: LHC (Large Hadron Collider) located in Cern, Switzerland.…
May 12, 2022/by cianjordan

Can Superconductivity Save Europe?

It is no secret that Europe is trying to wean itself off Russian…
May 12, 2022/by shanahpe


May 12, 2022/by sgil

Consumer Technology : Are We At It’s Peak?

Any form of technology with the purpose of being consumed…
May 12, 2022/by joshhill

Where’s The Cue Ball Going? – Snookered by The Laws of Physics

With the World Snooker Championship having just wrapped up…
May 12, 2022/by harryhodgins

The Unexpected Physics Behind Human crowds

by Romain Bievelez

Image from www.brannlaw.com
A human…
May 12, 2022/by bieveler

Heat-Pipe Mode of Terrestrial Planet Formation

Planetary science is a relatively new sub-field of astrophysics…
May 12, 2022/by ulsesa

Backyard Astronomy

May 12, 2022/by grainneeager

Quark Stars: Are They Real?

The universe is full of unexplainable things and new theories…
May 12, 2022/by martinll

The Physics of Pinhole Camera

Camera as an optical instrument plays a vital role in the modern…
May 12, 2022/by yanxi

Coronal Mass Ejections – The Sun’s Deadly Discharge

What are Coronal Mass Ejections?
Coronal mass ejections, or…
May 12, 2022/by jonesth

Superconductors: Why are they so ‘Super’?

What even is a Conductor?

A conductor is any material which…
May 11, 2022/by leonbw

The Van Allen Belts and Space Travel

May 11, 2022/by padraigmcdermott

Interstellar v. High Life: Black Holes on Film

From the very moment their existence was theorised, black holes…
May 11, 2022/by michaelgilbride

John Bell and the Death of Classical Determinism

The interpretation of quantum mechanics has been a subject of…
May 11, 2022/by johnmmarley

The Search for Renewable Energy: Nuclear Fusion

One of the key areas of science in recent memories is the exploration…
May 11, 2022/by coburnml

The James Webb Space Telescope

May 11, 2022/by grellan

Are We Living in the Matrix?


As simulations become more advanced and begin being…
May 11, 2022/by lilydouglasrooney

Gravitational Lensing: Bending light of the past

I’m sure everyone has had their fun using magnifying glasses…
May 11, 2022/by scanlod

How to die from an electric shock

You get out of the car after a long drive and go to push the…
May 11, 2022/by cooneymj

The Inherent Memory of Magnets

May 11, 2022/by nluo

How will it All End?

By Cian O'Toole.

The questions of  "How did we get here?",…
May 10, 2022/by cianot


Now I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation where, we’re…
May 10, 2022/by sfulham

Transparent Conductive Oxides: What are they?

What is a TCO?

The acronym TCO stands for transparent conducting…
May 10, 2022/by brennao5

Metal-Organic Frameworks: A Solution to Low-Pressure Hydrogen Storage

Focus on Climate Change
The greatest challenge of the 21st century…
May 10, 2022/by Dillon Broaders

The path to a greener way of energy production

Nuclear Fusion: Future or Fallacy?
With the energy crisis nearing,…
May 9, 2022/by vedanta

Particle Spin is not a measure of how much a particle spins around?

When looking at Physics, one of the more scarier and misunderstood…
May 9, 2022/by vladislavovcharenko

What if Gravity Disappeared?

Gravity is one of the four primordial forces of the Universe.…
May 9, 2022/by davidkearney

SO-CHIC: Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate

The topic I will be discussing is how the southern ocean influences…
May 9, 2022/by niamhtreacy

Why 5G Probably Won’t Kill You


By now we’re all aware of the crazed hubbub surrounding…
May 6, 2022/by bobm

Using Spectroscopy to Determine the Composition of a Star

In the process of analysing stars, one important factor is their…
May 3, 2022/by rnielsen

The Era of Quantum Computers

Many academics and industry experts consider us to be living…
April 18, 2022/by conorryan

Extraterrestrial Civilisations

by Ava Morrissey, Aisling Hussey, Grace O'Sullivan, Ross Brandon…
June 2, 2021/by aislinghussey

How to use Earth as a telescope

By: Colin Clarke, Sadhbh Leahy, Chloe Tap and Aidan Wright.
June 2, 2021/by sadhbhleahy

Physical models and electrical analysis of the Brain

Physical models and electrical analysis of the Brain
June 2, 2021/by benjaminstott

Gravitational Waves: A Lesson in Einstein’s Greatest Downfall

Zoë McGrath, May 7th 2021

Since their direct observation…
June 2, 2021/by mcgrathz

Dark Matter: What Is It and Where Is It?

It is estimated that around 80% of the mass in our universe is…
May 7, 2021/by fay97

The Neutrino: The Key to Understanding the Universe

By Kate Britton, Ciaran Furey, Aoife O'Kane Hackett and Sophie…
May 7, 2021/by fureyci

Machine learning in physics

Machine learning in physics


Machine learning is…
May 7, 2021/by brazell

Can Electrons Cure Cancer?

Can Electrons Cure Cancer?


What are Electrons?

May 7, 2021/by saoirsec

Moore’s Law and the Future of Computer Processing

Computer processors are an integral part of the modern world.…
May 7, 2021/by jakinsel

The Past, Present and Future of Rocketry for Space Exploration.

Rocket propulsion refers to an object being accelerated (it’s…
May 7, 2021/by adambourke

Anomalies in the muon g-factor could be evidence of new undiscovered particles or forces


The anomalous magnetic moment of the electron…
May 7, 2021/by mhichil

Quantum Holograms using Entanglement

For a long time holograms have captured the imagination of people…
May 7, 2021/by dameryp

Machine Learning in Materials Science

Machine Learning in General
Shortly after the invention and…
May 7, 2021/by prymeka


Infrared imaging and spectroscopy have become one of the most…
May 3, 2021/by matthewrochford

Biomimetics in Photonics

Maria Babu, Deaglan Farren, Thomas Long, and Myles Power.

May 3, 2021/by longth

Predicting the Unpredictable: Using Machine Learning as an Approach to Chaotic Systems

May 3, 2021/by cnishuil

The history of the Neutrino

What are neutrinos?
Neutrinos are particles with no electrical…
May 3, 2021/by okanehaa

Diamond Batteries: Powering the Future?

Diamond Batteries: Powering the Future?
Authors: Aoibheann Murray,…
May 3, 2021/by smurph34tcd-ie

An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Nuclear Energy as a Potential Solution to Climate Change

Authors: Pratheek Kishore, Octavian Stoicescu, Nicollas S.M.…
May 3, 2021/by octavianstoicescu

Applications of Aerodynamics in Motorsport.

by Sean O'Neill, Darragh Brennan and Jordan Kenny.



May 3, 2021/by seanoneill

Evolution of Stellar Composition

It is human nature that, whenever we find ourselves staring at…
April 16, 2021/by katehavenga

Comparing and Contrasting the Operation, Efficiency and Application of Various Semiconducting Materials in Solar Cells.

It should come as no surprise that the demand for renewable energy…
April 16, 2021/by campbepe

Comparing and Contrasting the Operation, Efficiency and Application of Various Semiconducting Materials in Solar Cells.

It should come as no surprise that the demand for renewable energy…
April 16, 2021/by campbepe

Applications of Nanoparticles for Medical Uses within the Body

Authors: Andrea Cabero del Hierro, Niamh Corry, Phelim Butler…
April 16, 2021/by phelimbutler