How it all works?

How to Register?

To Register for the blog, Click on Register.

Enter your details, you must use your TCD email address to register.

When you complete the registration form, Click on Complete Sign Up.

You will receive an email with a URL that you can click on to Activate the account. [If you do not receive the email within 15 minutes, check your spam folder]

How to post to the blog?

Once you are logged in, click on new and post this will give you the post option.

The main areas to concentrate on are, the Title (This box should contain the title of your post.), the Body (The body of your blog post) and the Featured Image [only use copyright free images] (The main image that will appear on the post, home page and blog page).

The Text editor gives you formatting tools typical of any online text editor. The second option is the Advanced layout editor, this will give you a deeper set of options around the content that you are posting. Make sure you set the featured image, this is the image that will show up on the homepage feed. When you are happy with the blog post, click on Submit for Review, once this is approved it will be live on the site.

Code of conduct

Take responsibility not just for your own words, don’t say or act online in a manner that you wouldn’t say or do in person. If you see something that’s just not right, call it out and report it.


Blog posts will be sent to the Editor for review, the Editor will then publish them. Comments can only be made by people who are logged in, these will be subject to the code of conduct for the site and will be monitored and deleted if seen to be offensive.