Picture from Science et Vie consulted the 06/05/2024. The picture shows the quantum therapy


A quantum revolution is taking place in the world of physics: quantum computers, quantum optics, materials directly linked to quantum phenomena. Yet some people are using this field of physics to offer so-called ‘quantum’ products or even therapies using certain principles of quantum physics. In the following lines, we take a look at quantum therapy and also at a so-called quantum cream offered by a major brand.

To understand the problems with these products, you need to know that quantum physics is a field of physics that explains things in the infinitely small, i.e. on the scale of the atom. For example, the electron, one of the elements of the atom, can be described by a probability of presence in a region of space. So the quantum world, like the classical world as we know it, uses the fact that the position of an infinitely small object cannot be absolutely known. Imagine, for example, that you drop an apple on the ground and it turns out to be an electron. You will not be able to know where it is with absolute certainty. So to a certain extent you could say that your apple is everywhere at once. This line of reasoning leads to a lot of fantasies in this area of physics, and some people play on them.

It is also important to understand that in quantum physics, as position no longer depends on probability, one of the most important quantities is energy.


Quantum medicine

Picture from Science et Vie consulted the 06/05/2024. The picture shows the quantum therapy

Picture from Science et Vie consulted the 06/05/2024. The picture shows the quantum therapy

An endocrinologist called Deepak Chopra has created a certain kind of quantum ‘medicine’. This practice explains that the body and mind are united and that they give off a vibratory field (waves). This field may or may not be in balance. If you are ill, the practice explains that your vibratory field is not in balance. The aim of the “quantum doctor” is to rebalance your energies. To achieve this, he will use the electromagnetic waves coming from your body. The worry is (explained in a reference) that this discipline uses Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine but changes the vocabulary of these disciplines to that of quantum mechanics. For some people, this gives quantum therapy a certain credibility. For physicist Claude Aslangul, the main problem is that this therapy uses laws of the infinitely small to try to solve problems the size of the human organism, and above all to solve them as if they were problems of “elementary mechanisms”. These disciplines play on the fact that people fantasise about quantum mechanics and its effects without being aware of the real constraints of this field of physics.


Quantum beauty cream

Picture from Guerlain consulted the 06/05/2024. The picture shows the quantum cream using the the orchid flower.




Cosmetics brand Guerlain recently launched a cream with quantum virtue. Guerlain explained that it had used an orchid “to target quantum light onto a cell”.  According to them, this cream should make you look younger. Unfortunately for them, physicists have expressed doubts about this product. This is the case of Julien Bobroff, a professor at the University of Paris-Saclay. He claimed that quantum light had quantum properties. Light is made up of small grains called photons, and these small components are well explained by quantum mechanics. But unfortunately for the cosmetics brand, light as a whole is not quantum. A doctor of pharmacy, Laurence Soiffard, also explained that the chemical formula of the product resembled that on the market. So the brand probably wanted to add the word quantum to justify its price and sell its product more effectively.




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